I’m Danielle!


I live and work in Pasadena and have over six years of therapy experience.


My approach is one you may not have heard about before as I use relational therapy to collaborate with you. Together, we’ll create a plan that allows you to focus on the life you want and the relationships that allow you to grow and thrive.

What I'm Known For


and positive growth.
Providing a safe space for
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I help people who are experiencing distress from their family, intimate, professional, or social relationships. Who may struggle with mood disorders such as depression, anxiety, stress, low self-esteem and eating disorders. I use Relational Therapy to help my patients work through their issues and develop a healthy mindset. 

Relational Therapy begins with a complementary 15 minute consultation to discuss your needs and develop a plan that is appropriate to you.

We will use our plan to schedule meetings via Telehealth video conference for your appointments.


Choose your time slot through the booking program below:


We all feel
sometimes, but i'm here to help you connect.

Some people feel alone all the time but if you’re feeling that way and reading this, please know that I'm on your side and I'm here to help.


Together we'll find practical solutions and safe outlets that  will help you to stand in your value, be in your truth, and help you begin to see that inside of yourself you have everything you need- even if it’s hard. 


I can help if you’re experiencing or have experienced:

  • Domestic violence

  • Family turmoil

  • Emotional abuse

  • Physical abuse

  • Mental abuse

  • Trauma

  • Relationship difficulties

  • Toxic relationship patterns

  • Depression

  • Anxiety

  • Low Self-Esteem


And I want to work with you if what you’re experiencing isn’t listed above but you have a commitment to growth, are looking for direction, and you’re struggling with the relationships in your life- despite not being able to pinpoint why? My offerings include individual sessions, group sessions, family therapy for tweens, teens and adults. 

What Patients Say

"Danielle is a fantastic therapist who helped me to reconnect with myself and others.

Highly recommend"

"Sandy", Pasadena CA.